“It’s September, you can wake up now.”

Can someone PLEASE tell me where September went? For real, it feels like the entire month just slipped away from my fingers. I quickly took a glance at the goals I had set in the beginning of September and couldn’t help to think how different a person I was back then. I realize only a month has passed, but it’s been the most challenging, stressful, teaching, and rewarding month, ever. I didn’t anticipate this month to be so busy; it’s just when doors opened, I am not the girl to every say “no.” (Which isn’t always a good thing.)


I found a job! I am currently a barista at a campus coffee shop, Espresso Royale, and it has been nothing but a great experience so far; I’m constantly surrounded by the aroma of coffee and wonderful people. I must have been a barista in my past life because everything feels intuitive. My hours are anywhere from 12-20 a week, and honestly that’s been a challenge to my time management skills (or lack of), it’s always taught me good habits. I learn to sleep a little earlier, wake up a little earlier, plan ahead, etc. And it’s also unexpectedly opened the doors to more and better opportunities. (Side note: I was always a little worried if it was a waste to invest so much time in a part-time job that wasn’t relevant to my future career, but I can now confidently say, a single second was not wasted. It’s relevant! Maybe not on paper; but the people you meet and the skills you acquire are there.)  Example: I meet a lot of friendly customers, and one in particular, offered me this amazing opportunity to join his team in entering the 2012 Nielsen Case Competition. Which leads us to the next highlight…

Nielsen Case Competition— Basically, on the spot this customer, also a student, said that his team was on the search for an Advertising major to assist them on this competition in handling the marketing aspect. I gladly said yes. (Surprise, surprise). But this time, the yes was so worth it. First, Nielsen, Enough said. You don’t need to explain why Nielsen is a good thing, ever. Second, you MEET the people at Nielsen. Third, imagine that on your resume. End. So basically, a mock-up scenario was given, and each team was to create a $4.4MM multifunctional business strategy, the best would be chosen to present to the Nielsen people, as well as attend a ceremony dinner to network. Annnnd, I am proud to say that our team, out of a pool of 21, just recently found out we have passed first rounds and will be presenting next week! 🙂 The winner will not only win in prizes and pride, but also a guaranteed position at Nielsen post-graduation. If that’s not a hook up, I don’t know what is. (: And let me tell you, my team has a pretty good chance of being number one because the four boys I work with are brilliant. They’re Engineering majors with backgrounds in business; and they don’t mess around. They mean business. Unless they’re playing Super Smash, then the ties are loosened. (; But really, I’m so fortunate to be working with such brilliant minds and I feel honored to join their group and lead the marketing facet.

Church— Our church is HUGE and in order to give members a chance to build community and find a voice, we are split off into groups according to the location you live in. My small group, FP2, ranges from freshman to post-grads, and we meet together every Monday for bible study as well as other nights for church and fellowship. I’m so blessed to be part of this small group, too. Everyone is so loving, vulnerable, funny, and hungry to learn and love the Lord more. I know as the semester progresses, they’re going to become such a big part of my walk with the Lord.

That’s all for now. 🙂 I really enjoyed doing this and will aim to do this at the end of each month. Although I didn’t cover many other events of this month for time sake, this blogpost forced me to reflect on this past month and remember to be grateful of how gracious God is. How odd and undeserving am I for all these random things that occurred this month? Not my plan, but His. May I learn to be just as faithful with the things He has given me.


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