Favorite Beauty Products

As the leaves turn, so should a lady’s skin regimen. It’s time for us trade our bronzers for blush and lotions for heavier moisturizers.

As a girl who’s grown up in the midwest, I’ve always had to adjust according to each season, and while it was fun to exchange neon polishes for navy blues and flip flops to boots, skin products weren’t always as obvious.

So, I thought I’d make some peoples’ lives easier, and share my own favorite fall beauty products. Enjoy!

This is my all time favorite moisturizer that is gentle enough to use both day and night. It does not leave your skin with greasy residue, just a nice supple touch! I initially bought it to lighten previous acne scars, but it also helps even out skin tone, tighten pores, and leave your skin freshly moisturized. (: Even better, it is 100% made with organic ingredients. During the colder season since the air is dry, it’s harder for skin to maintain its moisture. *Since using this product, I, personally, have witnessed a DRAMATIC difference in my skin tone, texture, and acne. I think this is my holy grail product and the product I will carry til my grave.

Again, another Lush product. This product is a spot treatment for specific blemishes. I like to apply this on over night when I feel a pimple coming on. I don’t use this daily, but I tend to reach for this product when I’m not getting enough sleep, when I’m stressed, or when it’s just that time of the month. (; This anti-bacterial product also is only made with 100% organic ingredients which helps shrink your zit without leaving it dry.

As saying goes, eyebrows make a huge difference on a woman’s face, and for a long time I never believed it or participated. I started working (shaping, tweezing, coloring in) my eyebrows since the beginning of summer and now I can confidently say that the eyebrow do-ers are not in a cult, they’re just trying to preach the truth. WOMEN, DO YOUR EYEBROWS. And what’s great and easy about this product, minus the unfortunate price tag, is that it is a universal color flattering to each woman regardless of their skin tone or hair color, no need for experimenting or second guessing. Also, it is a sharp pencil which makes it easy to use, even for beginners! This brow pencil is precise in that it’s like you draw in your own little pieces of hair, and depending on your face shape, you can control how you’d like your eyebrows to look. Like I said before, the price tag is intimidating, starting at $30 for only a small amount of product, which is the one “con” I’d add to the list. But, if anyone else has a favorite brow pencil, please share, my wallet will thank you.


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