Happy November, everyone!

I know I said this last month but I just have to say it again: time FLEW BY. I feel like I just recently did one of these posts for October. Hope everyone is staying healthy and bundled up– everyone around me is getting sick. My roommate included. ;( Not me quite yet, I feel like my immune system has toughened up since I was a kid. (Knock on wood.) I’m drinking my warm fluids and wrapping up in scarves. And my loving madre recently sent me my sweaters and jackets which was perfect for this past week’s freezing cold weather. It really feels like winter has already hit the midwest.

October was a crazy one with midterms, client meetings, work, and church.

For now, I just want to quickly welcome the month of November and celebrate the season of fall and Thanksgiving. Cheers!


  • Be thankful
  • Send out cards
  • Keep blogging
  • Organize computer space
  • Do laundry
  • Go to class
  • Consistent quiet times
  • Love God

What are your goals for this month and what’s your favorite part about fall? XO.


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