TV Fashion Recap: Revenge

Inspired by CollegeFashion, I introduce my new weekly series of “TV Fashion Recaps,” columns of posts featuring the best tv fashion. Each week I will recreate my favorite outfits from the recent episodes of popular shows. I will look at two shows in particular due to their impeccable wardrobe selections: Gossip Girl and Revenge.
Today, I am inspired by Revenge.

Since I missed all the classics from the entire first season, I wanted to tribute one of the oldies. Enjoy!


(Ashley’s outfit – Photo Credit)

From flirty skirts to scandalous dresses, Ashley was always spotted in such composed and fun outfits. This nautical number was one of my “summer favorites.”
See how I recreated it below.

ashley revenge

How did you like this outfit? What are some other “Revenge” outfits you enjoyed?
*Please turn your direction towards CollegeFashion for regular posts on fashion not limited to their television recaps, but also how to style on a budget, event appropriate attire, and DIY. 

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