NYC [in iphone photos]

Hello. (: I am BACK from NYC and ready to share with you some highlights of my trip via iphone photos. If you are following me on instagram, then this post will probably be boring and repetitive for you. New photos and stories will be up soon. I came home with a terrible flu and have been sleeping 13+ hours a day and haven’t found energy to upload photos from my camera just yet. Each day I’m feeling a little bit better and my fever is going down little by little, so once I am at 100% recovery, I will share all the AMAZINGNESS that is NYC.

^ From top to bottom: (1) My recently purchased city boots and color-blocked purse. (: Boots from Nordstrom Rack and the purse from The Limited. Patiently waiting on the floor of the airport while dozing off. Our flight was at 5:45 am, but since our group consisted of 20+ people, we had to arrive at the airport by 3:30 in case we faced any trouble. (2) Traveling essentials— magazines for leisure reading, sunglasses for napping, knit scarves for chilly air. We flew through Spirit which has possibly the MOST uncomfortable seats and smallest amount of leg room. Fortunately the flight was a little less than two hours. (3) We went through Grand Central Station and it was BEEEAUTIFUL. I was having a little bit of a freak attack because this was also the shooting location for Gossip Girl, Friends with Benefits, and the infamous flash mob. (I was secretly hoping to spot Serena VanderWoodsen.)

(4) Um, yes. Anyone else a HIMYM fan? The bar, McClarens, was actually inspired by the creator’s favorite bar, McGee’s in NYC. And yes, we did make sure we payed a visit there. We took photos at this particular booth, and all purchased tourist shirts. It was so awesome. There were photos of all HIMYM cast and special quotes from good ol’ Barney, it was a good time. (5) One of the many dessert cafes we stopped by. All the shops in NYC are so cute. (6) Hellooo, Time Square! The city literally never sleeps, and you could never tell this photo was taken at 2 am. My eyes were twinkling like no other when I first stumbled across Time Square. It is beautiful and speedy fast. There are lines of buildings higher than you’d ever seen, walls covered in advertisements, lights shining from almost every corner, and tourists like me soaking it all in. Did I mention there’s a F21 with 7 floors and doesn’t close til 2 am? Oh, yes.

I’m already getting so excited and nostalgic as I spit out a few recaps. Sigh. I’ll be back, New York.

Anyone else familiar with NYC and would like to share some “must go” places? I did spend an adequate amount of time wandering around and wasting taxi cash. I’d love to hear about new places!



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