Post-Christmas Sale

After 25 days of opening your wallets, your home, (and not to mention dealing with those wacky relatives of yours), I think it’s appropriate to dedicate today to yourself. Unwind a bit because you just survived the craziness that is Christmas. Take a bubble bath — or just pop some bubbly. Stay in bed all day catching up on Netflix. Better yet, pull out those gift cards you received and indulge in the good ol’ retail therapy.

I scoped the landscape and curated a list of my favorite holiday deals to visit either online or in-store. Hopefully this makes your life easier. Enjoy! 

*Click on the links to see product directly on the store’s site.

THE LIMITED | The ENTIRE store is 50% — use code: GIFT50 online and receive free shipping with orders over $100. Below are some items I actually purchased (like that green sweater) and others I had to sadly say “no” to (the striped blazer and the polka dot clutch).

The Limited Sale
J Crew Sale
OLD NAVY | Prices are reduced up to 75% off in-store, and up to 50% online. And receive free shipping on all orders over $50. Below are my favorite pieces — from printed blouses to comfy knits — and they are all UNDER $25 dollars. You know it doesn’t get better than that.
THE LOFT | The entire store is 50% off, excluding new arrivals. Enter code “SAVE50″ at check-out when shopping online. Shopping in-store at The Loft is my preference because the staff is always extremely friendly and accommodating. Plus, their dressing rooms are flattering. (;
The Loft Sale
The Loft Sale by jkfacee featuring a knit vest
LOFT sweater dress / LOFT long sleeve t shirt / LOFT scoop neck tee / LOFT knit vest / LOFT high heels
I’m glad I was able to share some of my favorite stores and holiday deals with y’all — hope this helped and whether you’re getting ready for NYE parties or just stocking up for the winter, may your shopping endeavors this week be successful. Stay warm and stylish. (:

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