London Street Markets

I think over the past few months I’ve gained a new appreciation for and liking to food markets. There’s just something about all the hustle and bustle that really pulls my heart strings…the fresh food, writing on chalk boards, quirky branding, free samples, and sounds of chatting and eating. In London, we visited two of their larger street markets, Camden Town and Borough Market, both really different from each other but also both abundant with food (and free samples). (;

* Camden Town is actually the location of where my iphone was stolen the first time. 

IMG_4417_Snapseed IMG_4672_Snapseed IMG_4671_Snapseed IMG_4670_Snapseed IMG_4667_Snapseed IMG_4661_Snapseed IMG_4427_Snapseed IMG_4426_Snapseed IMG_4425_Snapseed IMG_4424_Snapseed IMG_4423_Snapseed IMG_4421_Snapseed IMG_4420_Snapseed IMG_4419_Snapseed IMG_4418_Snapseed


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