Photo Look Book : Barcelona

IMG_5553_Snapseed IMG_5502_Snapseed IMG_5386_Snapseed IMG_5321_Snapseed IMG_5317_Snapseed IMG_5270_Snapseed IMG_5203_Snapseed IMG_5164_Snapseed


3 thoughts on “Photo Look Book : Barcelona

  1. Rekorderlig is the best cider EVER ♥ My flatmate introduced me to it and I’ve never looked back! It’s so yummy ♥ As for the photos of Barcelona, I’m so jealous! I’m heading for Europe in three years time; first to France and then to Spain! :]

    • I miss rekorderlig so much now that I’m back in the US. Good to know that I’m not alone cause I don’t know how to explain it to anyone here. (; So jealous for when you start your travels! I think France and Spain were my favorite countries in Europe, by far! Thanks again for always reading. (:

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