Day Two + Three

*I know this is extremely past due, but I still wanted to share the rest of the photos from orientation weekend.

Sunday morning everyone was supposed to meet for group breakfast and academic orientation at 9 am, but Hot Dog and I slept through our alarms (surprise, surprise) and ran in halfway through orientation at 11 am. Then throughout the entire day, everyone kept making comments of how delicious breakfast was and finished with, “oh yeah, you weren’t there… After orientation, we all ate lunch at Le Mura and went on a tour around beautiful Verona. Take a look:

^ The placemat was so beautiful I had to snag it for future scrapbooking purposes. (; And fun fact: utensils always come in white paper baggies as shown.
IMG_1338 IMG_1337
There’s always street vendors around the plazas, Piazza Bra and Piazza Erbe, both which are walking distance from my house, selling an array of things. From baked goods to candies to scarves and knits hats. I keep trying to resist making any impulsive purchases, but I do give into the panna con nutella time to time.
Everything about Verona’s architecture and design is so colorful and intricate. And meaningful. The v-shaped “roof” symbolizes that this building was in favor of the pope.
We also swung by good ol’ Juliet’s home.
Touching Juliet’s boob for some good luck. It’s a thing.
IMG_1362  IMG_1368

Below is the beautiful Piazza Erbe — the plaza for foolish tourists who get jipped by crazy conversion exchange rate and overpriced food. And by foolish tourists, I mean Hot Dog and I.
We climbed a million and one staircases to gain this view. My thighs have never burned so badly.
A really good pic of me.
The gang then popped into a nearby cafe for some espresso. Remember what I told you about the espresso?
Often I’ll run into these 24/7 vending machines in the streets. This particular one sells coffee and snacks, but others sell pharmacy drugs, socks, etc. It’s pretty awesome. Chicago’s gotta get on this.
After the tour, we went out for a family dinner at ZTL 28.
Hot Dog and I enjoying our vino. Our palatte is starting to acquire and appreciate the taste for vino being here. Too bad our faces that soon turn red can’t adjust. #AsianProblems

That’s all, folks. I’m just wondering when and IF Verona’s allure will ever wear off. Will I one day become numbed to the intricate architecture and the sight of sunsets falling on pastel colored buildings?

First weekend in Italy. Survived.