Illustrator 101: Chevron

Illustrator 101: Chevron

I am a design [noob]. However, I’d like to change that! (: Today was step one.

Like the chevron? I learned how through this quick and simple tutorial. If you click on the photo, it will take you directly to the link where I learned how. You should definitely try it, I promise it’s dummy-proof.

And the gradient? That was all me. 😉 Once I covered my artboard with the chevron pattern, I changed the opacity of lines in pairs, starting from 50% all the way to 100%. (So, all lines are the same color, the top two lines are just of it as 50% opacity, and the bottom lines are the true colors, 100%).

Depending on your pattern and design, this will change, but it’s the same idea. Then I pasted some text on it to tell a narrative. This is my simple and lazy way to begin documenting my beginner design story… And I’d love to hear yours, too!

Are you an Adobe user? Whether it be a beginner or pro, I’d love to check our your work, too. Share below! 🙂



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