The Packing Challenge (part 1)

I’m leaving for Italy in three short days. Where did all the time go? It’s time to face the music and start planning logistics: calling banks, making copies of the passport, buying toileries, and the most dreaded task of all, packing.

How does one with an absolute affinity for clothing fit four months — that’s two seasons — worth of attire into ONE suitcase? We’re packing for both winter AND spring. Not to mention that those clothes will also be sharing space with shoes, towels, sheets, toiletries, jackets, and personal items. I’m even exhausted just listing what I need to pack.

The study abroad office offered us practical tips to make this process a little less stressful. Take a look at their “suggested list of items to pack” for one semester:


Yes, you did read that right. They suggest you switch off between TWO blouses and TWO shirts for FOUR STRAIGHT MONTHS! I know the whole “pack lightly” thing is words of wisdom and a foreign concept, but that number just seems a little ridiculous. Who’s to say that you won’t spill or unable to head over to the laundromat on time or I don’t know, just get sick of that one shirt you’ve been wearing for four months.

So, I tried to find a nice compromise between the study abroad’s version of packing, and my unhealthy tendency to overpack, and surprisingly discovered a happy medium. Normally, I would rationalize that everything in my closet was necessary, throw it all in the suitcase without even thinking of how they would go together, and call it a day. This time, I selected a set amount of pieces and tried to mix-and-match to see how many different outfits it could create. Smartest decision ever. Learn new things every day. (;

JKFACEE tackles “packing lightly. | Here’s what happened:

One maxi dress + One flannel + One blazer + Two scarves + Three necklaces + Four shirts + Four sweaters +Five bottoms = 50+ outfits!
(hey, i know it still sounds like a lot but “packing lightly” is subjective. don’t judge.)

Below are the pieces I choice to include for this challenge and trip.

IMG_0972 IMG_0980 IMG_1110

And these are some quick ensembles that can be created out of those pieces:

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Mix and matching different pieces — plus swapping in jewelry — really change both the entire feel and look of an outfit. Expand your closet and minimize your spending by playing around with different items you already own, and challenge yourself to coordinate them in a completely new way that you’ve never thought of. Be adventurous and bold. Play with unique color combos, textures, throw in a scarf, or add an extra layer. You’ll be surprised to see how much more clothing you own; and in my case, the concept of living out of a suitcase for four months will be much easier to swallow.


Post-Christmas Sale

After 25 days of opening your wallets, your home, (and not to mention dealing with those wacky relatives of yours), I think it’s appropriate to dedicate today to yourself. Unwind a bit because you just survived the craziness that is Christmas. Take a bubble bath — or just pop some bubbly. Stay in bed all day catching up on Netflix. Better yet, pull out those gift cards you received and indulge in the good ol’ retail therapy.

I scoped the landscape and curated a list of my favorite holiday deals to visit either online or in-store. Hopefully this makes your life easier. Enjoy! 

*Click on the links to see product directly on the store’s site.

THE LIMITED | The ENTIRE store is 50% — use code: GIFT50 online and receive free shipping with orders over $100. Below are some items I actually purchased (like that green sweater) and others I had to sadly say “no” to (the striped blazer and the polka dot clutch).

The Limited Sale
J Crew Sale
OLD NAVY | Prices are reduced up to 75% off in-store, and up to 50% online. And receive free shipping on all orders over $50. Below are my favorite pieces — from printed blouses to comfy knits — and they are all UNDER $25 dollars. You know it doesn’t get better than that.
THE LOFT | The entire store is 50% off, excluding new arrivals. Enter code “SAVE50″ at check-out when shopping online. Shopping in-store at The Loft is my preference because the staff is always extremely friendly and accommodating. Plus, their dressing rooms are flattering. (;
The Loft Sale
The Loft Sale by jkfacee featuring a knit vest
LOFT sweater dress / LOFT long sleeve t shirt / LOFT scoop neck tee / LOFT knit vest / LOFT high heels
I’m glad I was able to share some of my favorite stores and holiday deals with y’all — hope this helped and whether you’re getting ready for NYE parties or just stocking up for the winter, may your shopping endeavors this week be successful. Stay warm and stylish. (:

In the spirit of Christmas…


I made holiday cards.

But wait — there’s more! I decided to share my handmade holiday cards to whomever would like to receive one! THAT MEANS YOU! (For free, of course. I would never charge for these cards — I know they’re not etsy-worthy, but I do know it’s always fun to receive free goodies in the mail.)

So, thank you to those who find time in their busy lives to read my word vomit that is this blog. This is my ‘thank you’ in its sincerest form.

The cards shown have already been handed out, but if you like what you see — or like something else entirely — let me know, and I’ll do my best!

If interested in receiving a holiday card, please follow these easy-peasy steps (open to all strangers, friends, and frenemies):
1. If you are not already, subscribe to my blog. Again, this is more or less a ‘thank you’ to them.
2. Email me with your name, address, and card idea.
3. I will handcraft your card with love + ship it to your doorstep.
4. Once you receive your letter, take a photo with it! I’d love to hear/see your responses.

* If you respond after the 22nd, I will most likely NOT have your card ready by the 25th. If that doesn’t bother you, then I will gladly still make one!

Let the holiday festivities begin!

What are you doing in the holiday spirit?


Gossip Girl: Finale Re-Cap

(Spoiler Alert.)

Bravo, GG writers, bravo.

I’m going to be brutally honest and say that this past season was horrible. Random twists that were more unbelievable than entertaining, introductions of new awkward characters, cheesy and overdramatic plot lines, and the list continues. However, tonight’s finale was pretty flawless. I was curious to see how the writers were going to save themselves from this downward spiraling doom they were falling in, but again — bravo.

First, Dan’s reveal as Gossip Girl. Did anyone else’s jaw DROP when they heard the news? My mind was suddenly filled with: wait, how does that make sense if… what, there must be a loophole… does that make dan a genius or uber desperate… wait let me re-wind that scene. Even that revealing, was perfection. I loved the flashback of the junior high birthday party. I loved Dan’s recollection of Serena coming back from boarding school, his take on the in-crowd. I loved how they brought back the old cast— Vanessa, Juliette, etc.— and their reaction to the news. I loved that Dan gave the news to Nate, so Spectator could be the first to spill. I loved that he paused when Blair + Chuck got in an accident.

2. And, I loved that Serena forgave him. One of my favorite quotes — “It was a love letter.” Okay, I don’t remember what it was and didn’t want to fudge it, so there’s the skeleton of it. But it was when Serena is trying to defend Dan! And she’s right. Gossip Girl was, at its core, a love letter to Serena. An honest one. The one Serena could appreciate — one that gave her the attention she desperately sought, the one that pushed her when she needed motivation, and the one that gave her confidence when appropriate . And the only one Dan could write. I’m really a #TeamBlair, but Serena was okay in this episode.

3. Serena in a wedding dress. As much as I hated her for the majority of this show — hated how she was so dumb and always joined the wrong side of the argument, wore a piece of fabric for clothing, had more boyfriends than the amount of shoes she owns, her constant innocent act, her daddy issues, and her inability to understand Blair — her beauty is undeniable. And she made a beautiful bride. (:

4. Team Blair. Team Blair. Team Blair. And her happy ending that she deserves. And her kid. And Chuck.

5. Chuck in his white suit. One word. Dashing. That’s all.

Monday nights will not be the same.


Sweet News

“Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.” — Hosea 6:3

The Lord truly does answer those who call on Him. I’ve been searching for truth the past few days,  and the Lord found me in my bitterness and replaced anxiety with a stable ground for my feet to walk on. And for that, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I am walking with confidence now— not in my own ability, but in His promise and sovereignty.

Such appropriate news for this time. Finals are approaching and I feel so mentally checked out. But it’s time to bring my A game. It’s time to persevere.

Good luck to everyone with finals! (:
Remember that you are not consumed, the Lord’s compassion never fails.

TV Fashion Recap: Revenge

Inspired by CollegeFashion, I introduce my new weekly series of “TV Fashion Recaps,” columns of posts featuring the best tv fashion. Each week I will recreate my favorite outfits from the recent episodes of popular shows. I will look at two shows in particular due to their impeccable wardrobe selections: Gossip Girl and Revenge.
Today, I am inspired by Revenge.

Since I missed all the classics from the entire first season, I wanted to tribute one of the oldies. Enjoy!


(Ashley’s outfit – Photo Credit)

From flirty skirts to scandalous dresses, Ashley was always spotted in such composed and fun outfits. This nautical number was one of my “summer favorites.”
See how I recreated it below.

ashley revenge

How did you like this outfit? What are some other “Revenge” outfits you enjoyed?
*Please turn your direction towards CollegeFashion for regular posts on fashion not limited to their television recaps, but also how to style on a budget, event appropriate attire, and DIY.