I know you’ve heard me say this all before, but this time the plan is for the transition to be  permanent! I am no longer A CUP OF J or JKFACEE, but COFFEE AND HONEYCOMB.
(You like the new name? Me too. A lot.)

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Thank you to my 100 consistent subscribed readers for following along as I ranted on my daily musings, my receding hairline, traveling through europe, and transitioning back home this summer. You are all pretty wonderful.  

Ps. Did you know we hit the 100-mark?! I know that is nothing extraordinary in this massive blogosphere, but it’s pretty impressive in my book.

Pps. Did you know this month also marks the 1-year anniversary of this wittle blog? Read my first post here. It was when I turned 20. Soon, I’ll be 21.

Ppps. Did you know when I type in “jkfacee” on Google it asks me if what I meant to say was “jerkface?” Nope, that’s not what I meant. Do you see the needed name change here now… 

Just kidding. Okay, stop reading now. I’ll see you over at the new hot spot. There’ some free goodies waiting for you!





Purpose > Productivity

Effectiveness > Efficiency 



Happy News

My two favorite bloggers, Elise from elisejoy and Elsie from a beautiful mess, have partnered up together to create an e-course on blogging. 

I was really excited to hear the news. It’s like hearing for the first time that messy buns are in style. Or that you can buy nutella and crackers together. Or that it’s not just you that doesn’t shave during the fall. It’s every girl.

Do you know what feeling I’m talking about. Pure freaking happiness.

But really, if I want to be serious about this whole blogging thing, I should take a quick tip from the pros and my source of inspiration, right? Maybe I’ll check it out.

Here’s a link to it if you’re interested in learning more about it. http://eliseblaha.typepad.com/golden/2012/11/blog-design-love-e-course.html